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A Collection of Animals from our Travels
with their collective names...just for fun
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Certainly, fauna is one of  the more fascinating aspects of any place we visit. We've only included animals we either saw in the wild or were domesticated, but not those in cages...no zoos. And
we really mean "animals" as opposed to vegetables or minerals. So there's everything from dung beetles to elephants. To make it a bit more fun and interesting, we researched "collective nouns"
which apply to groups of specific animals. This is a game we used to play now brought into good use for your amusement and trivia enhancement. This is all done a bit "tongue in cheek". Where
no "collective" was known...we made them up, but we'd appreciate any more imaginative ideas you have. We didn't want to duplicate what we've already done specifically with
birds, but we did
include some birds when there was a  "collective" term for them.  Here goes...with some thanks and acknowledgments along the way.
Chacma Baboons - Cape Point, South Africa .
A "troop" or a "flange" of baboons, not to be confused with a "shrewdness" of apes.
Coyote - Henderson, Nevada, USA
Burchell's Zebra -Etosha Natl Park
Lion - Etosha Natl Park - Namibia
A "pack", "train" or "band of coyotes.
A "zeal","herd" or "dazzle" of zebras.
A "pride", "sawt","souse", "sault" or "troop"
of lions.
Yellow mongoose - Hardap, Namibia
A "busy-ness" of mongooses (mongeese?)
Grey Fox - Harberton, Tierra del Fuego
A "skulk","cloud","troop", "company","leash"
or "earth" of foxes.
Meerkats - Camdeboo, East Cape, RSA
A "mob" of meerkats.
Prairie Dog - Colorado, USA
A "coterie" of prairie dogs.
Anteater - Iquitos, Amazon, Peru
Leafcutter ants - Panama
A "colony", "army", "state" or "swarm" of ants.
No known "collective". They're loners, but
perhaps a "snoot" of anteaters?
A "herd", "parade" or "crash" of elephants.
Elephants - Addo Natl Park, RSA
Vultures - Florida
A "committee" of vultures.
Zebra butterflies - Dominican Republic
Coati (cotimundi) - Iguazu, Argentina
A "band" of coatis.
Giraffes - Etosha Natl Park - Namibia
A "corps, "troop", "herd","tower", "journey",
"kindergarten" or "kaleidoscope"   of giraffes.
A "swarm", "rabble", kaleidoscope", "flutter"
or "rainbow" of butterflies.      
Sally Lightfoot crab - Galapagos
Fiddler crab - Eleuthera, Bahamas
Hermit crab - Panama
Dinner crab - Panama
A "cast" of crabs as opposed to crabby characters.
A brood", "clutch","flock", "run" or "peep of
chickens. A "clutch" or "chattering" of chicks.
Funky chicken and chicks - Panama
Three-toed sloth - Panama
No collective known, but how about a
"laziness" or "slowness"  of sloths?
Howler monkey - Panama
Vervet monkey - East Cape, RSA
A "troop", "cartload" or "barrel" of monkeys.
Dead rat - Ascension Island (yuck!)
A "pack", "colony", "swarm" or "mischief" of rats.
Jackrabbit - Colorado
A "husk" of jackrabbits.
Brown pelican - Florida
Canada Geese - New Plymouth, NZ
A "gaggle" or "flock" of geese. Specifically, a
"plump" of geese if on the water.
A "squadron", "pod" or "scoop" of pelicans.
Black turkey - New Zealand
A "rafter" or "gang" of turkeys.
Pink flamingos - Bonaire
A "stand" or "flamboyance of flamingoes.     
Warthog - Etosha Natl Park - Namibia
No collective; a "homeliness" of warthogs?
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Cape Buffalo - South Africa
American bison (buffalo) - Colorado
A "herd", "troup", "gang" or "obstinacy" of buffalo. A "herd" of bison.
Stingrays - Nassau, Bahamas
A "fever" of stingrays.
Masked lapwing (plover)- NZ
Mule deer - Colorado
Hyena - Etosha Natl Park -Namibia
A "desert" or "deceit" of lapwings.
A "herd", "leash" or "mob"of deer.
A "cackle" or "clan" of hyenas.
Ground squirrel - Utah
Burrowing owl - La Libertad, Ecuador
A "dray" or "scurry" of squirrels.
A "parliament", "stare", "wisdom" or
"study" of owls.
Feral sheep - Ascension Island
Red sheep - New Zealand
A "flock", "herd", "hirsel", "pack","drove", "trip" or "mob"of sheep.  
After looking at websites devoted to
"collective" nouns, I found that there
were zillions.  Obviously other people
find these amusing, too!

There's also a book
dedicated to
collective nouns:
"An Exaltation of Larks"
by James Lipton.
Possum - Iquitos, Amazon - Peru
A passel of possum.
Fruit bat - Tobago
Jacobin hummingbird - Trinidad
A "charm" of hummingbirds.
A "colony" or "cloud" of bats.
Jellyfish - Opua Marina, NZ
A "brood", "smuck" or "smack" of jellyfish.
White-faced Heron - Opua, NZ
A "scattering", "siege" or "sedge"
of herons.
Peacock - Ecuador
Western Scrub Jay - Marysville, CA
A "party" or "scold" of jays
A "muster", "ostentation" or pulchritude"
of peacocks.
A "loveliness" of ladybugs.
A "murmuration", "filth", "chattering" or
"affliction" of starlings.
A "den", "pit", "slither", "nest", or "knot"  of snakes.
A "cowardice" of curs.
Starling - New Zealand
Guinea Fowl - Namibia
Ladybug -  French Polynesia
"Potcakes" or stray dogs - Bahamas
Anaconda - Amazon River
Bull (gopher) snake - New Mexico
Boa constrictor - Panama
Llama - Ecuador
Alpaca - Peru
Guanaco - Salta, Argentina
Vicuna - Peru
Above, the four members of the camelid family native to South America. A "herd" of llamas, but a "caravan", "flock" or "train" of camel(id)s?
Wild donkeys - Bonaire
Cormorants (aka shags) - New Zealand
Galapagos penguins - Galapagos Islands
Jackass penguins - Boulders Beach, RSA
A "herd","pace" or "drove"of donkeys.
A "rookery" or "colony" of penguins .
A "cup", "solitude" or "flight" of cormorants.
A "confusion" or "rasp" of guinea fowl.
Blister beetle - New Mexico
Dassie or Rock Hyrax - South Africa
No collective for beetles; We suggest an
"irridescence" of blister beetles.
No collective...A "grouch" of dassies. (They
were pretty irritable.)
All the "boks" translate to "bucks". So, it's a "brace" or "clash" of bucks although we assume a "herd" would apply as well.
Steenbok - West Cape, South Africa
Capybara - Panama
Kudu - South Africa
Red Hartebeest - Etosha - Namibia
No collectives for these so we're here to improvise: A "clash" of kudu; a "bounty" of hartebeest; a "plod" of wildebeest; and a "race" of impala.
Iguana - Norman's Island, Bahamas
A "muster" or "mustering" of storks.
Nurse shark - Bahamas
Iguanas are quite different-looking depending where they come from, but all are in the "ugly" category. No collective known so how about a "fright" or "horror"  of iguanas?
Marine iguanas - Galapagos
Land iguana - Galapagos
Iguana - Guayaquil, Ecuador
White stork - South Africa
Springbok - West Cape, South Africa
We had a "barrel"of fun, a "bundle" of laughs and a "plethora"
of pleasure working on this page. We'll try to add to it as we
add new animals and geographical areas to our growing library
of photos. Think about what Australia and Asia have to offer.

If you're particularly interested in specific animals or countries,
try going to our web page for that country to see more. It's an
adventure...enjoy!  If you're specifically interested in
Birds of
the World, click here or maybe Butterflies?

And, of course, there's more to come so check back from time
to time.
Green Turtle - Ascension Island
Black-faced impala - Etosha - Namibia
Blue Wildebeest & babies - Namibia
Bontebok - West Cape, South Africa
Gemsbok - West Cape, South Africa
Hammerhead shark - Bahamas
A"shiver" of sharks.
Maybe  a "covey" of capybaras???
Lizards - Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos
Desert lizard - Valley of Fire SP - NV
Lava lizard - Galapagos
Whiptail lizard - Bonaire
A "lounge" of lizards (versus a lounge lizard??)
Galapagos Tortoise - Galapagos Islands
Above, Caiman - Iguazu, Argentina.
Right, Caiman, near Cartegena, Colombia
A "congregation","nest","bask", "float" or "striker"
of caiman (crocs).
A "bale","dole","turn" or "nest" of turtles.
A creep" of tortoises.
Vizcacha (like a chinchilla) - Chile
Blue Crane - South Africa
Sierra Finch - Chile
Ruffous-collared Sparrow - Chile
A "herd" of chinchilla.
A 'herd", "siege" or "sedge" of cranes.
A "charm" of finches.
A host" or "knot" of sparrows.
Hartraub gulls - Walvis Bay, Namibia
A "flock" or "colony" of gulls.
Dragonfly - Trinidad
Dragonfly - Lin's backyard (Mass.)
A "flight", "weyr" or "wing" of dragon(flies).
A dead hootie (hootia) - Bahamas
Definitely, a "herd" of hooties.
Galapagos sea lion - Galapagos Islands
Cape Fur Seal - Western Cape, South Africa
Jackal - Etosha NP, Namibia
Sand dollar (or sea biscuit) - Panama
A "herd", "harem", "trip", "pod" or "rookery" of seals (sea lions).
A "pack" of jackals...maybe? works for
wild dogs.
A "fistful" of dollars.
Squid - in our scuppers SoAtlantic
Colorful Caterpillar - Ecuador
Chiloe Widgeon - Chiloe, Chile
Weta (big bug) - Totora North, NZ
Black-necked Swans - Chiloe, Chile
Black Swan - Cape Farewell, NZ
No collective; a "blot" of squids
An "army"of caterpillars.
A "game", "bank", "team", "herd","bevy","wedge","lamentation" or "ballet" of swans.
A "company" or "trip" of widgeons.
No collective; a "wickedness" of weta.
Eurasian coot - South Island, NZ
NZ Dotterel - Cavalli Islands, NZ
A "covert" or "cover" of coots.
A "trip" of dotterel.
Flying fish-Cups' scuppers - S. Atantic
California Quail - New Zealand
Pecary (porcomonte) - Darien, Panama
Feral kid goat - Bonaire
A "school" of (flying) fish.
A "bevy," "covey" or "drift" of quail.
Pied magpie - Akaroa,NZ
Ducks - Whangarei, NZ
Horses - Totara North, NZ
Mallard Duck - Nelson, NZ
Pigs - Matamaka, Tonga
A "herd", "trip" or "litter" of pigs. Maybe that applies to pecaries, too.
A "tittering","tiding","gulp","murder" or
"charm" of magpies.
A "raft", "paddling","bunch","badling"  of
ducks on water.
A "field", "herd","remuda","set" or
"stable of horses.
A "sord" of mallards.
A "pandemonium" or "company"
of parrots.
Dung beetle AND dung - Namibia
A "flock", "herd", "tribe" or "trip" of goats
A "shitload" of dung beetles.
Painted Locust - Galapagos
A cloud","plague" or "swarm of locusts.
Spinner dolphins -  NZ
Wood pecker - Arizona, USA
Big spider - Isabela, Galapagos
Big bee - Guadeloupe
A "school" or "pod" of dolphins.
A "descent" of woodpeckers.
An "entanglement" of spiders ???
A "grift", "hive", "swarm", "drift" or
"bike" of bees
Toad - Nebraska, USA
Cottontail rabbit - Henderson, NV
A "knab" or "knot" of toads.
A " bury", "colony","circle", "nest"  of
Sacred blue-eyed eels - Huahine, Fr Poly
An "array" or "seething" of eels.
Raven - California
An "unkindness" or "murder" of ravens.
A "mob" of kangaroos
A "kuddle" of koalas
(because they're not really bears)
A "pack" of dingoes
An "army","colony" or "knot" of frogs.
Koala - Raymond Is, Australia
Kangaroos - Bundaberg, Australia
Dingo - Bundaberg, Australia
Green tree frog -Australia
Echidna - Midlands Hwy, Tasmania
A "prickle" of echidna. A baby echidna,
BTW, is a puggle.
A wreck or a raft of sea birds. (Canal Chacao, Chile)
Thanks, Maree!