s/y Nine of Cups
Birds of South America
Masked booby - aboard Nine of Cups en
route to Ecuador from Panama
Mockingbird - Galapagos Islands
Monk parakeet - Piriapolis, Uruguay
Nandu - pampas near Pta Arenas, Chile
Neotropic cormorant - Valdivia, Chile
Patagonian sierra finch - Lago Chungara, Chile
Peruvian pelican - Arica, Chile
Plush crested jay - Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Red gartered coot - Piriapolis, Uruguay
Red legged shag - Paracas, Peru
Rock shag - Harberton, Argentina
Roseate spoonbill - Rio Sabana, Darien, Panama
Ruffous collared sparrow
Isla de Damas, Chile
Ruffous hornero - Piriapolis, Uruguay
(National bird of Uruguay)
Southern lapwing - Puerto Montt, Chile
Tricolor heron - Darien, Panama
Upland geese (male/female)-Ushuaia, Argentina
Warbling doradito - Piriapolis, Uruguay
Whimbrel - Rio Sabana, Darien, Panama
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Sandpiper - Piriapolis, Uruguay
Black-faced Ibis - Chiloe, Chile
Black-necked Swans - Chiloe, Chile
Greater Egret - Salinas, Ecuador
Silvery Grebe - Estero Chope, Chile
Black necked stilt
Isabela, Galapagos
Blue-footed booby
Isla de la Plata, Ecuador
Night heron - Arica, Chile
Brown hooded gull -  Valdivia, Chile
Burrowing owl - Salinas, Ecuador
Chicken & chicks - Puerto Pina, Panama
Caracara - Easter Island, Chile
Dolphin gull - Ushuaia, Argentina
Crested duck - Ushuaia, Argentina
Galapagos Penguins - Isabela, Galapagos
Fairy terns - Flamenco anchorage, Panama
Kiskadee - Colon, Panama
Great Frigate - Galapagos Islands
Grebe - Piriapolis, Uruguay
Gray gull - Tongoy,Chile
Heron - Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Lava heron - Galapagos Islands
Kelp gull - Valdivia, Chile
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Kelp geese (male/white & female) -Ushuaia, Argentina
Parakeet - Salinas, Ecuador
Snowy egret- Salinas, Ecuador
Speckled teal - Chiloé, Chile
American oystercatcher - Chiloe, Chile
Hudsonian godwit - Chiloe, Chile
Chiloe widgeon - Chiloe, Chile
Magellanic penguin - Chiloe, Chile
Dark-bellied dipper - Chiloe, Chile
Juan Fernandez tit-tyrant
I. Robinson Crusoe
Juan Fernandez Firecrown (male)
I.Robinson Crusoe
Juan Fernandez Firecrown (female)
I.Robinson Crusoe
Common diuca-finch - Easter Island
We were in and out of South America for
nearly four years so our bird photos are fairly
extensive. Even so, we missed so much. Some
birds we saw and couldn't photograph. Some
we never saw, but loved looking. Here's the
best of the best.

Our source of identification: Birds of
Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and the
Antarctica Peninsula
in English and Spanish
(Couve & Vidal)