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Birds of the South Pacific
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White-tailed tropic bird - South Pacific Ocean
En route to Easter Island
Pitcairn Warbler - Pitcairn Island
Pacific reef heron (we thought it looked like a
cattle egret, but the FP bird website says no).
Mangareva, Gambier, French Polynesia (FP)
Tuamotu Sandpiper -  Mangareva, FP
Jungle fowl  (read that "feral, tree-
climbing, banana-eating chicken) -
Gambier, FP
Chesnut-breasted mannikin
Tahiti, FP
Common mynah - Moorea, FP
Red-vented bulbul - Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Zebra dove - Moorea, FP
Tahitian Gray Duck - Taravao Plateau, Tahiti
Buff banded rail - Niue
Red-footed booby & chick
Suwarrow Atoll, Cook Islands (CI)
Red tailed tropic bird - Suwarrow Atoll, CI
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Cape Petrel  in flight- South Pacific
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We didn't think we'd see very many birds
in the South Pacific, so we were
pleasantly surprised. Some, like the
Pitcairn Warbler, are endemic to specific
islands and as such as are very rare, so
we were thrilled to see them.

Best source of identification: Firefly
Encyclopedia of Birds
(Perrins) and the


Fairy tern in flight - Entrance Island
Suwarrow Atoll, Cook Islands (CI)
Fairy tern - New Island, Suwarrow, CI
Frigate bird - Motu Tou, Suwarrow,CI
Pacific Swallow - Taveuni, Fiji
Pacific golden plover - Nukunomo, Tonga
Crested terns - Tofanga, Tonga
Brown booby - Kioa, Fiji
Collared kingfisher - Palmlea, Fiji
Red avadavat aka red munia
Palmlea, Fiji
Polynesian triller - Palmlea, Fiji
Vanikoro flycatcher - Palmlea, Fiji
Spotted dove aka Chinese dove,
lace-necked dove, spotted turtledove or
mountain dove (whew!) - Palmlea, Fiji
White-thoated pigeon - Bagasau, Fiji
Grey heron - Suva Fiji
Grey-tailed tattler - Suva, Fiji
White-faced heron - Rabi, Fiji
Wattled honeyeater-Kula Eco Park,Fiji
Golden dove - Kula Eco Park,Fiji
Red-breasted musk parrot
Kula Eco Park,Fiji