s/y Nine of Cups
Birds of Africa
Southern Africa was a gold mine for birds...all
of which seemed exotic to us. With its
numerous reserves and parks, we were able
to spot and photograph so many, it was
almost overwhelming and of course, we saw
many more than we were able to photograph.
We purchased a paperback
The Wildlife of
Southern Africa: A Field Guide to the
Animal and Plants of the Region
Vincent Carruthers which was excellent and
included everything from proteas to dung
beetles to lions and all the birds we saw.
Pied crow - Namib Desert, Namibia
Red headed finch - Etosha, Namibia
Red winged starling - Cape Point, South Africa
Sacred ibis - Hardap, Namibia
South African Penguin (aka jackass penguin)
Boulders Beach, South Africa
Secretary bird - Etosha, Namibia
Southern yellow-bellied hornbill - Etosha, Namibia
Tawny eagle - Etosha, Namibia
Violet eared waxbill - Etosha, Namibia
White pelican - Hardap, Namibia
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Blue Crane- National bird of South Africa
Western Cape, South Africa
Laughing dove - Etosha, Namibia
Ostrich (wild) - Cape Point, South Africa
Ostrich closeup on a ranch
Oudtshorn, South Africa
Steppe buzzard - Eastern Cape, South Africa
West Cape strutter
Cape Town, South Africa
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Abdim's Stork - Namibia
Cape Bulbul - Boulders Beach, South Africa
Cape Sugarbird
Boulders Beach, South Africa
Cape Sparrow - Namib Desert, Namibi
Flamingo - Walvis Bay, Namibia
European Bee-eater - Etosha, Namibia
Egyptian Geese - Cape Town, South Africa
Hartraub Gull - Walvis Bay, Namibia
Guinea Fowl - closeup and on the move - Karoo, South Africa
Lesser masked weaver - Etosha, Namibia
Lesser grey shrike - Etosha, Namibia
Kori bustard - Etosha, Namibia
Avocets - Walvis Bay, Namibia
Greenshank - Walvis Bay, Namibia
White stork - South Africa
Maribou storks - Hardap, Namibia