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Birds of Australia
November 2011 - ???
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Chesterfield Reef
Australia is home to around 800 species of birds, half of which are unique. We'll begin our collection of
Australian bird photos at Chesterfield Reef in the Coral Sea. It's not technically Australia (it belongs to France
actually), but it is part of  the Oceania/Australia continent and thus qualifies. We'll add more as we go.
Black noddy - Chesterfield Reef
Masked booby - Chesterfield Reef
Brown booby - Chesterfield Reef
Lesser frigate - Chesterfield Reef
Red-footed booby - Chesterfield
Lesser frigate-juvenile - Chesterfield
Sooty terns - Chesterfield Reef
Stint - Chesterfield Reef
Our chief reference is Helm
Field Guides
Birds of
Australia - 7th edition
Ken Simpson & Nicolas
Day which, by the way,
Marcie traded with the
publisher for rights to her
photo of a Pitcairn warbler.
Good trade!

We've also found a terrific
bird and wildlife website
that we highly recommend:
Ian Montgomery's
Crested tern - Chesterfield Reef
Sandpiper - Chesterfield Reef
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Australian magpie/pied magpie - Bundaberg
Masked lapwing - Bundaberg
Straw-necked ibis - Bundaberg
Crested pigeon male fantail display
Galahs are grey and pink cockatoos. Cheeky and very common."Galah",an Aborignal word, also means a stupid person.
Crested pigeon - Bundaberg
Cockatiel - Bundaberg
Common koel - Bundaberg
Silver gull - Bundaberg
White-faced heron - Bundaberg
Eastern pale-headed rosella - Bundy
Yellow-throated honey-eater
Rainbow lorikeet - Bundaberg
We continue to be
amazed not only by
the variety of bird
species here, but by
the sheer volume of
birds. We walk just
after dawn each
morning just to listen
to the birdsong and
the observe the birds
in the area. And this
is just one town in
Queensland. We're
just beginning to
Chesterfield Reef - 9 species identified
Zebra finch - back side (left) and front
Australian white ibis/sacred ibis
Rainbow bee-eater - Bundaberg
Fantail pigeon (domesticated) - Bundy
Australian (Richard's) pipit - Deal Island
Purple swamp hen - Woodgate (above)
Blue-faced honey-eater (right) - Bundy
Willie wagtail - Bundaberg
Brown honey-eater - Bundy (above)
Pied butcherbird - Bundy (right)
Forest kingfisher - Woodgate
Little friarbird - Maryborough
Great egret - Walker's Point
Pacific black duck (male) - Maryborough
Australian wood duck couple - Bundy
Pied butcherbird - Bundaberg
Our location at the mouth of the Burnett River is
ideal for all sorts of bird species.
Cattle egret - breeding plumage - Bundy
Mistletoebird (male) - Bundaberg
Mistletoebird (female) - Bundy
Laughing kookaburra - Bundaberg
Largest kingfisher in Australia
Peaceful dove - Bundaberg
Black-winged stilt - Walker's Point
Double-barred finch - Bundaberg
Black shouldered kite - Bundaberg
Common redshank - Bundaberg
White-faced heron/eastern curlew - Bundy
Common greenshank - Bundaberg
Lemon-bellied flycatcher - Bundaberg
Birds of the World
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Welcome swallow - Bundaberg
Figbird - Bundaberg
The male (far right) and female (above left) watched over the chick in the nest (above center)
Striated heron - Bundaberg
Osprey - Bundaberg        
Eastern yellow robin - Bundaberg
(Marion Sinclair - Australian Children's
Song, 1936)
(Thanks, Nancy Zapf, for sending these lyrics)

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree.
Merry, merry king of the bush is he.
Laugh, Kookaburra! Laugh,
Kookaburra! Gay your life must be.

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Eating all the gum drops he can see.
Stop, Kookaburra! Stop, Kookaburra!
Leave some there for me.

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Counting all the monkeys he can see
Stop, Kookaburra! Stop, Kookaburra!
That's not a monkey, that's me!
Nesting osprey - Moreton Bay
Pied cormorant (left) and Little pied cormorants
(above) - Moreton Bay
Australian pelican - Wollongong
Crimson rosella - Raymond Island
Yellow-tailed black cockatoo  
Blue Mountain NP
Black swan - Raymond Island
Little wattlebird - Eden
Superb fairy wren - male - Eden
Superb fairy wren - female - Eden
Eastern whipbird - Eden
Total species identified a/o
14 Feb 2012 - 86, just a little
over 10% of Australia's total
bird species population.
Common bronzewing - Raymond Island
Little corella - Raymond Island
Blue-billed ducks - Raymond Island
Eurasian coots - Paynesville
Red wattlebird - Raymond Island
Musk lorikeets - Raymond Island
Common starling -Raymond Island
Eastern rosella - Raymond Island
Mainland Australia - East coast  south from Bundaberg to Victoria and then across the Bass Strait to Tasmania
Mollymawk (shy albatross) -  Bass Strait
Grey petrel - Bass Strait
Sooty shearwater - Bass Strait
Beautiful firetail - Deal Island
Cape Barren Goose - Deal Island, Tas
Crescent honeyeater on agapanthus
Deal Island - Tasmania
Flame robin - Deal Island, Tasmania
Little penguin aka blue or fairy penguin
Deal Island - Tasmania
Pacific gull - - Deal Island, Tas
Sea eagle - Deal Island, Tas
Silvereye  - Deal Island, Tas
Sooty oystercatcher - Deal Island,Tas
Caspian tern - Deal Island, Tas
Noisy miner - Bundaberg
Brown Songlark - Strahan, Tas
European goldfinch - Strahan, Tas