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Flowers of French Polynesia
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Flowers are profuse and exotic throughout the
South Pacific, but especially so in French
Polynesia. Some are endemic, some are
introduced. We do not have a good book
aboard to identify them, but we're hoping to
find some locals who will help us. Whether we
do or not, we're taking  time to smell the roses!
The delicate, fragrant tiare (gardenia
tahitiensis) is the national flower of Polynesia.
Traditionally, women  wear a tiare or hibiscus
behind their left ear if they're "taken" and
behind the right if they're "available".
Hibiscus...abundant and so many colors!
Morning glory
These guys grew thick as ground cover along all
the roads and even in the shade of the  forests.
A pretty creeper which is threatening to
strangle many trees and plants.
Flowers of the Gambiers
Cat Tails - Polynesian style
Luxuriant Iris
Flowers of the Society Islands
Many of the flowers we saw in the Gambier
were also present in the Society Islands. Here
are ones that we had not photographed
As we continued traveling through
French Polynesia in the Leeward
Islands, we found a few more to add.
My single resource for identifying them
is a book of US wildflowers. Amazing
how many are identifiable.
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Waterlilies in Huahine
Huahine- these reminded me of yellow
lady slippers.
Red flamboyant along Lake Fauna Nui
Found on Bora Bora
Showy partridge pea
Nightshade   (poisonous)
Butterfly pea
Grass pink orchid
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