s/y Nine of Cups
Flowers of New Zealand
New Zealand is lush and green. There seem to
be different flowers, shrubs and trees in bloom
all the time. I've taken an interest in
photographing each new one I come
across...wildflower or garden- variety. A local
friend has helped with several identifications
and he loaned me a book,
What Flower Is It?
(Stirling Macoboy), which has been helpful in
identifying many of the rest.  As always, if
can identify some that aren't tagged or see an
error, I'd be much obliged if you'd get in touch.
Note that I've used NZ common names when I
could find them though they may be called
something else in other places.
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Albutalon ...red here, but also yellow
Arum lily
Australian native violet
English bluebells
Fairy crassula
Bird of Paradise aka crane flower
Freesia ... many, many colors around
Morning glory
Chinese borage
African or Cape daisies
Pink jasmine
Nasturtium (red and yellow)
Onion flower
NZ Forget-me-not
Wandering Jew
Aristea aka blue stars
Fumitory aka earth smoke
Cup of gold
Flowering apricot
Watsonia...with a view
English lavender
Bottlebrush tree
Coral aloe
Panahi - Cape Reinga
Purple Foxglove (above) - Milford Sound
White Foxglove (right) - Milford Sound
Montbretia - Milford Sound
St. John's Wort - Milford Sound
Tree Lupin w/ caterpillar-Milford Sound
Unknown  - Milford Sound
Ragwort w/ copper butterfly - Milford Sound
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