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Flowers of North America
Field bindweed - New Mexico
Desert globe mallow - New Mexico
Sunset Crater penstemmon - Arizona
Scarlet globe mallow - California
Coneflower - New Mexico
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What is a wildflower?
By definition, according to our resource,
a wildflower is a natural growing, usually
herbaceous (non-woody) plant having
showy or otherwise interesting flowers.
Without a doubt, several species have
been introduced from other parts of the
world just as several species naturally
occurring in North America also occur in
other parts of the world. That
notwithstanding, we captured as many
flowers as we could find.
Hooker's evening primrose - New Mexico
Cholla - New Mexico
Rubber rabbit brush - New Mexico
Silver leaf nightshade - New Mexico
You know how it is...if it's in your backyard,
you tend to ignore it. We have precious few
photos of North American flowers, mostly
because we rarely cared to photograph
wildflowers in the past. Now when we return
to the US for a visit, however, we're much
more attentive. If you see an error in
identification, please let us know.
Apache plume - Arizona
Locoweed - Arizona
Our identification source: NWF Field
Guide to Wildflowers
Brandenburg) and though specific to North
America, it has served well for identifying
flowers in the rest of the world as well.
Note that the US Park Service does a great
job of providing free lists of wildflowers in
their respective park areas and sometimes
provides color photos to help in the
identification process.
Sunset crater beardtongue - Arizona
Broom dalea aka purple sage - New Mexico
North America, north of Mexico, is home to more than 20,000 species of plants, about half of which qualify as wildflowers. The vastness of the
continent combined with geographic and climatic differences provide a vast arena for a wide range of flowers to grow and thrive. From swamps,
marshes and woodlands, to mountain alpine meadows, seashore and deserts, our 2010 cross-country trip afforded us the opportunity to
experience just a wee bit of everything the continent has to offer.
Bergamot - Nebraska
Leadplant with cabbage moth - Nebraska
Many-flower ipomosis - New Mexico
Moth mullein - Maryland
Musk thistle with bumblebee - Colorado
Red hot poker - Colorado
Rocky Mountain beardtongue -Colo
Prickly pear - Colorado
Purple coneflower - Iowa
Purple prairie clover - Nebraska
Red clover - Massachusetts
Tall bellflower - Iowa
Western blue flag - Utah
Rocky Mtn Iris - Colorado
Showy fleabane - New Mexico
Showy milkweed - Colorado
Whorled milkweed - New mexico
Tansy-leaf aster - New Mexico
Ironweed - Iowa
Tufted evening primrose - Arizona
Richardson's geranium - Colorado
Wild buckwheat - Arizona
American vetch - New York
Brittlebrush - Arizona
Blanket flower - New Mexico
Wild chicory - Utah
Wild geranium - New Mexico
Four o'clock - New Mexico
Alpine or Aspen bells - Utah
Alpine golden buckwheat - Utah
Elkweed - Utah
Common sunflower - Colorado
Alpine kittentail - Utah
Western red columbine - Utah
Black-eyed Susan - Massachusetts
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Cross Country Trip USA 2010
Wild rose - Maine
Sacred datura - Utah
Lindley's silverpuff - Utah
Yellow columbine - Utah
Indian's paintbrush - Colorado
Canadian thistle - Utah
Lupine - Utah
Sego lily - Utah
Sundrops - Utah
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