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Flowers of South America
Yarrow - Ushuaia, Argentina
Amazon daisy - Iquitos, Peru
Cactus in bloom - Islas Damas, Chile
Unidentified - Islas Damas, Chile
Burnet / stick-tight - Pto Williams Chile
Fuschia - Pto Montt, Chile
Nightshade(??) - Islas Damas, Chile
Unidentified - Islas Damas, Chile
Wild geranium - Pto Williams, Chile
Hydrangea - Pto Montt, Chile
Wild chicory - Talca, Chile
Phlox - Pto Williams, Chile
Unidentified - Talca, Chile
Nightshade - Tongoy, Chile
Blue-centered daisies - Tongoy, Chile
Morning glories - Tongoy, Chile
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Unidentified - Islas Damas, Chile
Mallow - Tongoy, Chile
Ginger - La Libertad, Ecuador
Trumpet lily - Galapagos, Ecuador
Arum lilies -Coquimbo, Chile
Red hot pokers - Ecuador
Unidentified fuzz ball - Ecuador
Orchid - Galapagos, Ecuador
Darwin's daisy -Galapagos, Ecu
Azucenaide-monte-Machu Picchu,Peru
Wild cotton - Galapagos, Ecuador
Unidentified - Machu Picchu,Peru
Passion flower - Piriapolis, Uruguay
Unidentified thorny - Paraguay
Unidentified - Sacred Valley, Peru
Golden aster - Cusco, Peru
Unidentified - Piriapolis, Uru
Unidentified - Peru
Prickly pear - Colca Canyon, Peru
Trillium - Piriapolis, Uruguay
Unidentified - Colca Canyon, Peru
Kantu - Colca Canyon, Peru
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Unidentified - Piriapolis, Uruguay
Unidentified - Peru
Unidentified - Piriapolis, Uruguay
Aster (?)- Piriapolis, Uruguay
Unidentified - Piriapolis, Uruguay
Bird of Paradise - Piriapolis, Uruguay
Mallow (?) - - Piriapolis, Uruguay
We visited South America for nearly four years
so our flower photos are fairly extensive.
Regretably, we were not very successful with
our identification efforts so many flowers are
pictured without names. If you're able to identify
some of these, drop us a line. We'll be sure to
acknowledge your help.

Our source of identification: primarily local
references and folks with local knowledge.
Flowers of the World
Isla Quehui in Chiloe, Patagonia
had a particularly large abundance
and variety of flowers in a
relatively small area so it has its
own page. Click above.
Unidentified - Iguazu, Argentina
Pacho - Argentina
Orchids - Iguazu, Argentina
Lupine - Pto Williams, Chile
Unidentified - Valdivia, Chile
Unidentified - Islas Damas, Chile
Unidentified - Islas Damas, Chile
Unidentifed - Valparaiso, Chile
Bougainville -Ecuador
Wild squash?? - Ecuador
Unidentifed - Cusco, Peru
Unidentified - Machu Picchu,Peru
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