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Flowers of the South Atlantic
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Our crossing of the Atlantic included
stops at Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena
and Ascension.

Source of identification: Flower
books and photos at the St. Helena
Library and local information from
our hosts, Gilbert Legg (St. Helena).
Glory bower - Ascension Island
Goatweed aka Mistflower - Ascension Island
Milkweed - Ascension Island
Trumpet lily - Ascension Island
Beardtongue - Ascension Island
Bird of Paradise - Ascension Island
Waterlily - Ascension Island
Ascension Lily - Ascension Island
Waterlily - St. Helena Island
Yellow waterlily - St. Helena Island
Ebony - St. Helena Island
Plumbago - St. Helena Island
Easter lily -St. Helena Island
(Napoleon's grave)
Flambuoyant - St. Helena Island
Frangipani aka plumeria - St. Helena Island
Morning glory - St. Helena Island
Ground iris - St. Helena Island
Nasturtium - St. Helena Island
More Flowers of the World?
Potatoes in bloom - Tristan da Cunha
Hydrangea - Tristan da Cunha
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