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Flowers of the South Pacific
Pink unidentified - Juan Fernandez
Unidenitifed - I. Juan Fernandez
Forget-me-not - I. Juan Fernandez
Morning glory - I. Juan Fernandez
Pampas grass - I. Juan Fernandez
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Nasturtium - I. Juan Fernandez
Unidentified pink lilies - Juan Fernandez
(they were everywhere!)
Morning glory - Pitcairn Island
Unidentified - Pitcairn Island
Because French Polynesia had such
prolific and exotic flowers, we've
dedicated a special page just to it.
However, we saw lots of other flowers in
the South Pacific. Take a look, keeping in
mind that it was difficult to identify many of
them because we had no good reference
books specific to the area. That said, very
few flowers are found only in one place in
the world, so we've done our best to
identify them as close as possible at least
by family. At Pitcairn, we used a series of
flower postage stamps for help with
Flowers of French Polynesia
Cabbage Tree flower - I. Juan Fernandez
Arum Lily - I. Juan Fernandez
Pink unidentified - Juan Fernandez
Ginsey - Pitcairn Island
Butterfly pea - Pitcairn Island
Hibiscus - Pitcairn Island
Hibiscus - Pitcairn Island
Noni - Pitcairn Island
Lantana - Pitcairn Island
Pulau - Pitcairn Island
Unidentified (hibiscus?)-Pitcairn Island
Poinsettia - Pitcairn Island
UFS (Unidentified flying seedling) - Niue
Unidentified - Niue
Aster family - Unidentified - Niue
Unidentified - Niue
Unidentified - Niue
Fuschia(?) - Niue
Unidentified - Niue
Unidentified - Niue
Frangipani - Penrhyn, Cook Islands
Tiare - Penrhyn, Cook Islands
Frangipani - Penrhyn, Cook Islands
Bouquet - Matamaka, Vava'u, Tonga
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