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I first discovered "Kiwiana", those things
that are unique to New Zealand, when I
was doing my research on visiting New
Zealand. It was fun and interesting and
well worth sharing. So as we travel in
New Zealand, we'll capture as much
Kiwana as possible.
A popular child's toy, when pulled, the
wings turn round and make a loud
clicking noise. Created by brothers
Hector and John Ramsey, it was made
in Auckland until the late 1970's. For
generations of New Zealanders the
buzzy bee was and is a icon of  New
Zealand childhood.
Pohutukawa - A beautiful tree that flowers in
early summer around Christmas time and is
known as New Zealand's Christmas tree.
A type of abalone only found in New Zealand.
The shell is quite large and found on New
Zealand beaches. It has a unique iridescent
quality and is commonly used in jewelry and as
decoration in Maori carvings
The word "Kiwi"  refers to 1) New Zealanders
2) the NZ dollar 3) the fruit and 4) the bird.
Pavlova is New Zealand's national dessert. Meringue covered in cream and dressed with kiwis and
fresh fruit. Tere & Michael  of "Sea Quest" brought this delectable dessert to the Cruiser Christmas
party. A first hand taste of Kiwiana.
The "koru", Maori for unfurling fern frond, is
symbolic of new life and life unfolding. It is a
prevalent image throughout New Zealand,
representative of the huge tree ferns that
grow here profusely.
Jandals...we call them flip-flops in the USA and
the Aussies call them thongs.
Foursquare Supermarkets and the
associated Mr. Foursquare marketing
logo are everywhere in New Zealand.
Silver fern, one of many native ferns, is
green on one side and white/silver on the
other and is  a national symbol of New
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