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As we travel around the USA, we've
noted that people use weathervanes
as a form of adornment and
decorative expression on their
houses. Big barns throughout the
country usually have wind vanes
perched on their roofs, but many
houses do as well, especially on the
top of cupolas or garage peaks.
We've also noticed that though there
are the "usual" horses and roosters,
some folks choose to reflect local
themes in their vanes.

Take a look. We'll add to the photo
gallery as well as the information here
as we go, but this is a good start.
We unfortunately missed this one as
we were crossing the country. It's the
World's Largest Weathervane in
Montague, Michigan. Photo nicked
from the internet.
Wow!  Vernal, Utah
Firewagon - Massachusetts
Flying pig is the best - Maine
Massachusetts...of course!
Kremmling, Colorado
New Hampshire
New Hampshire
Walpole, MA
Sharon, MA - Moose Hill Reserve
Death Valley, CA miner
Interestingly enough, we found very few
weathervanes south of Virginia as we were
heading back to Las Vegas. When we did, they
were the iconic rooster or cow. We'll add to
this page when and if we find more interesting

I wonder if there are weathervanes in
Australia?  We'll have a look.