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Boat Projects & Diversions
Living on a boat requires lots of skills. There are so many systems to maintain aboard, not to mention ongoing maintenance projects. And then, of course, there are activities which
keep us occupied during long passages or are just for fun. This page is dedicated to some major (and minor)  projects we've undertaken and some ongoing chores we do aboard.
It's neverending and can be the source of pride and accomplishment or sheer frustration. Hope you enjoy.
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Carving Nameboards
We'd seen some great nameboards on
other boats and wanted some for Nine of
Cups. David bought a book on carving,
bought some tools and a hunk of
mahagony and here's the results. This
article was published in "Boatworks" in
For safety in big following seas, we
made our own series drogue...a
method of slowing us down in heavy
weather. This article was published in
"Boatworks" in 2007.
Series Drogue
English Lessons
Some times the projects are developed on
the boat and used in the local community.
For instance, local
marineros wanted to
learn English  at Puerto Lucia YC in Ecuador
and Marcie was game. However, with no
textbooks or tools available, she  had to rely
on her past teaching skills and whatever was
available. See the lessons and lesson plans
she developed.
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Make Your Own Boat Cards  &
There's no easy way to provision,
although the planning aspect  gets easier
the more you do it. Here are some of our
hints for long passage provisioning that
might be of interest and help to others.
Passage Provisioning
We both like jewelry. David likes to
make it and Marcie likes to wear it.
Take a look at some of our creations.
Jewelry  Making
Fishing while cruising
We fish quite often when underway
and actually depend on our catch for
a good percentage of the "meat"
portion of our provisioning. Here's
some tips and some recipes!
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Deck Delamination Repairs
After removing our teak decks in
Ecuador and having the decks
repaired and painted, we needed to
repair the decks once again  in
New Zealand.
Useful Knots
Beyond the bowline, square/reef and
half hitch knots, there are several
other specialized knots that we
frequently use.
New Fuel Tanks
We needed new fuel tanks...no
doubt about it. While in Ecuador,
David tackled the project. What a
travail! Read all about it.
Exchanging boat cards is a common thing
to do when meeting new friends with
whom you'd like to stay in touch. It's
easy and inexpensive to make your own.
Day Tank Controller
Design Details
We really love our gravity-fed day
tank. It alleviates all sorts of
air-in-the-fuel-line issues. This
simple controller design not only
controls the fuel pump
automatically, but adds some audio
and visual alarms to the system.
Knowing how to solder is a basic skill
necessary for building and maintaining
electronic devices and systems. For a
3-video tutorial on soldering,
visit our
YouTube page.
Soldering Basics