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Cruisers'  Information
Cruisers share information. It is our nature to write about a new port, an area visited or a passage  or perhaps
about a project we've undertaken and we like to let others know what to expect and outcomes. We bond quickly
and stay in touch. Below find Port Guides we've compiled ( sometimes with the help of other cruisers) and articles
we've published on areas we've visited and projects we've completed, as well as guides we've come across that
we felt were useful to us. As with any shared nautical information, use with caution and common sense.
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The Essential Cruiser's Library
Paying it Forward
Charts & Tables
Inland Travel in Peru and Bolivia
Inland Travel  in Argentina
Inland Travel in Ecuador
Port Guide to La Libertad, Ecuador
Port Guide to Callao (Lima), Peru  2008
Port Guide to Piriapolis, Uruguay (2006)
Opua, NZ Arrival Info
Cruising New Zealand
Boat Projects & Diversions
Fishing Aboard Nine of Cups
Communications Aboard
Bristol,  Rhode Island
Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador
Turks and Caicos
Isla Grande de Chiloé
Luperon, Dominican Republic
Islas Juan Fernandez
Galapagos Update
Easter Island Revisited
Ushuaia to Mar del Plata and
Tahiti: Exploring, Haul-out &
Importing Parts
Cape Town, South Africa
Tahiti-Moorea Rondezvous
Uruguay - Around and About
Niue - Rock of the Pacific
Puerto Montt, Chile