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Jewelry Making
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It's not all work aboard, but most diversions aren't
quite as much fun as making (or wearing) jewelry. We
got interested in jewelry making because 1) we like
collecting shells and odd natural objects, but after
collecting didn't have much use for them; 2) we're
never near any stores when holidays occur which might
warrant gift-buying; 3) we're on a budget and David is
a rather parsimonious fellow anyway; 4) Marcie likes
jewelry; 5) David is a sentimental kind of guy and
claims he likes making cool stuff for Marcie (awww!);
6) many of the pieces make great gifts or trades
Our best source for jewelry
supplies is
Gems. They provide all the
"findings" (hardware) as well
as beads and accent pieces.
They have a great website, but
also a great catalogue which
we use for "dreaming" when
we're at sea. They also have
lots of free ideas and patterns
to download.
Tools used:
  • Dremel tool with lots of accessories & bits
    for drilling, grinding, cutting and polishing
  • Forceps, tweezers, needle nose pliers
Valentine's Day gift for Marcie while anchored
in a remote little place in Chiloe. We bought
some beads, crystals and miscellaneous
doodads at Hobby Lobby and WalMart when
we last visited the States.
Sliced shells with wood bead accents.
We really enjoy beachcombing and shell
collecting when we have the opportunity.
Tagua disc with amethyst crystals and
Mother of pearl pendant with real starfish we found washed up on the
beach. The tiny natural pearl in the center was a gift to Marcie from
Aloha in Penrhyn. David made the earrings to match later on.
Verano glass squares with blue, green & clear
crystal beads.