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Making Your Own Boat Cards & Stationery
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Whenever we meet other cruisers, it's inevitable that we'll trade boat cards with them. Some are professionally printed on glossy stock,
some have photos of  their boats or the crew and others are just plain with the basic information. Since we developed our  seahorse "logo"
for Nine of Cups, we decided it was important to incorporate it onto our boat card. We have a printer aboard and bought an inexpensive
stationery program (<$5) which we used to set the format for the boat cards. Though we could have brought the layout to a printer or even
most copy shops, we found it just as easy to do ourselves and now can print them whenever we want. Additionally, we've developed and
printed lots of boat cards for folks who had run out or who had never taken the time to have any made. Blank business card stock is readily
available and relatively inexpensive in the States at most business supply stores (Office Max, Office Depot) as well as places like WalMart
and Target. Printing is 10 at a time.
Typical information on a boat card:
*Name of the boat
Note: s/y = sailing yacht used throughout the world
and s/v=sailing vessel, used only in the USA
*Type of boat
*Names of the crew
*Hailing port
*Email address(es)...shown is our "land email"; we're
 careful giving out our boat email because we really
 don't want to receive unsolicited mail when at sea.
*Website address
*Usually a logo or some artwork
*Logo of clubs, associations like the SSCA
No logo for your boat? Search the web for nautical clipart or art descriptive of your boat name. Most clipart is free. But here are a
couple of freeware designs we've used for designing other boat cards. Feel free to copy them if you wish.
In addition to boat cards, we make our own notecards (which are used frequently as thank you cards),
birthday cards, gift tags and holiday cards (Xmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Groundhog's Day,
whatever). Again, you can buy blank card stock and matching envelopes in most any stationery supply
store. I bought a supply about five years ago and still have some left. Clipart is available free on-line and
can be downloaded easily or you can purchase clipart software (100,000+ images)  for relatively low cost.

We always use our Nine of Cups logo when coming up with a design. It's our identifier and very distinctive
to us. On the backs of the cards, we usually put a little info about our boat name which many folks ask
about. The advantage of making your own cards besides the obvious cost savings is that you can tailor the
card and its message to the particular occasion, e.g. Happy Valentine's Day, David! We've also done Nine
of Cups t-shirts with iron-on transfers with a program called T-Shirt Factory which is pretty versatile.
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