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Maryland / West Virginia
Summer 2010
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Maryland Facts...
Capital: Annapolis
Area: 12,407 sq mi -  42nd largest state
Population: ~5.7 million
High Point: Backbone Mountain - 3,360'
Low Point: Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean
State Nickname: Old Line State
State Flower: Black-eyed Susan
State Bird:  Baltimore oriole
Maryland became the 7th state in the USA in 1788.
Maryland was named to honor the
Queen consort Henrietta Maria
(1609-1669), the wife of Britain's
King Charles I.
Maryland Trivia...
  • Maryland's flag is the only US state
    flag based on British heraldry, the
    coat of arms adopted by George
    Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore.
  • Maryland was named to honor the
    Queen consort Henrietta Maria
    (1609-1669), the wife of Britain's
    King Charles I.
  • King Williams School opened in
    1696 it was the first school in the
    United States.
  • Chincoteague's are famous ponies
    from Assateague Island.
  • Annapolis is known as the sailing
    capital of the world.
On we traveled through Rhode Island,
Connecticut, New York, New Jersey
and Delaware and before you know
it, we were in Maryland...those
Eastern US states are pretty small.  
Annapolis is a beautiful city and fun to walk
around and explore.
Crossing the George Washington
Bridge in NYC  and heading south.
We spent the night in Baltimore, then
headed down to Annapolis to meet up
with John Santic, our friend and crew
member when we sailed to the
Galapagos and Easter Island.
Heading to Williamsport, Maryland on the
West Virginia border to visit our friends
Doug & Fay Grimm, we encountered lots of
rural, scenic views.
Fay's English garden was beautiful and
definitely attracted the butterflies.
Marcie waited patiently...NOT...okay, she
waited (impatiently) for the resident
hummingbird to make an appearance.
Fay's a rider and they have two horses in the
barn at present.  That's Sugarbaby above.
Since the Grimms had to work during the
day and since the Civil War historic sites of
West Virginia were so close, we decided to
explore during the days and enjoy time with
the Grimms at night.
West Virginia Facts...
Capital: Charleston
Area: 24,231 sq mi - 41st largest
Population: ~1.8 million
High Point: Spruce Knob - 4,863'
Low Point: Potomac River, 240'
State Nickname: Mountain State
State Flower: Rhododenderon
State Bird:  Cardinal

West Virginia became the 35th state
in the USA on June 20, 1863.
Harper's Ferry witnessed the first successful
application of interchangeable manufacture,
the arrival of the first successful American
railroad, John Brown's attack on slavery, the
largest surrender of Federal troops during the
Civil War, and the education of former slaves
in one of the earliest integrated schools in the
United States.

The little town of Harper's Ferry itself is
quaint and charming with preserved Civil War
period architecture and large areas turned
into open air museum. Shops and restaurants
abound midst historic sites and buildings.
The gray-weathered split rail fences seemed
to go on for miles and miles.
Old canons on the Bolivar Heights Battlefield.
The spire of St. Peter's church peeks out
overlooking the confluence of the Shenandoah
and Potomac Rivers in the background.
West Virginia's state bird, the red
cardinal, made a quick appearance on
the Bolivar Heights Battlefield.
Not far away is the Antietam National
Battlefield. A sad place, this location marked
the bloodiest one-day battle in American history.
23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or
missing after twelve hours of savage combat
on September 17, 1862.
Burnside Bridge -a site of one of the day's
battles. Based on what we read, it's a
wonder the North won the war! General
McClennan (Union) was no match for
General Lee or Stonewall Jackson.
During this battle, Clara Barton played a
significant role in providing aid and food to the
wounded and subsequently founded the
American Red Cross in 1881.
An all too short a time with the Grimms and we
were off once again...heading West back to
Denver. This time we took the "low road" to see
more of beautiful West Virginia and Kentucky and
then connect with I-70 through Missouri, Kansas
and Colorado.
Come along for the ride from
Kentucky to Missouri and Kansas...Sip some
bourbon with us in Kentucky, visit Harry S  in
Missouri and then head  "over the rainbow".
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