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South America
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Our love affair with South America began as soon as we reached Venezuela. It was unexpected.
We just didn't realize what a culturally rich, enchanting part of the world this was and once we
did, we were hard pressed to leave. This fascinating continent kept us captivated for 5 years and
we still didn't visit every place we wished.  Click on a country/area above and join us on a
wonderful trip through the "other" America.
South American Facts...
  • South America is the 4th largest continent  accounting for 12% of the world’s land area.
  • The continent is comprised of 12 countries and 2 political units
  • Tropical rain forests cover more than 1/3 of the continent. The forest of the Amazon basin is the world’s largest
    tropical rain forest.
  • The Amazon is South America’s longest river (4,000 miles long) and the widest river in the world. It carries 1/5
    of the world’s fresh water.
  • The Atacama Desert in Chile is one of the world’s driest places.
  • Population of South America is ~323 million.
  • Aconcaqua at 22,381 feet in the  Argentinian Andes mountain range is the highest peak in South America and
    in  the Western Hemisphere.
  • South America is home to more than 25% of all known kinds of mammals.
  • South America’s largest wild land animal is the hoglike “tapir” which lives in the Amazon region and grows to
    the size of  a pony.
  • The Amazon River Basin is home to the anaconda, the world’s largest snake, which can grow to as long as 30
  • South America is home to the “capybara”, the world’s largest rodent (dubious honor?).
Venezuela Out Islands
Easter Island (2004)
Venezuela (inc Los Roques/Las Aves)
Peru -  Revisited (2005)
Easter Island (2009)
Peru -The Amazon
Argentina  (Ushuaia & coast)
Ecuador 2003/4 (Salinas/inland travel)
Chile Coast Hopping (Arica  Pto Montt)
Argentina -Buenos Aires
Ecuador 2008 (Bahia de Caraquez)
Chile - Patagonia /Tierra del Fuego
Argentina - Inland Travel
Galapagos Islands (2004)
Ecuador to Chile Passage (2008)
Peru - Inland Travel (2004)
Chile Revisited 2009
Peru - Machu Picchu(2004)
Chile - Isla de Chiloe
Rescuing Sadko
Birds of South America
Flowers of South America