Hannah Connor & Brennan Connelly
August 11, 2007
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Brennan, our oldest son, met Hannah in 2003
on the internet looking for hiking partners.
Being the parents of the groom was certainly
easier than being parents of the bride, but we
had our share of tasks to perform. David tied
bowties for all of the groomsmen and Marcie
ironed shirts!!
The happy couple moments after they said "I do" at a
traditional ceremony in a charming country church in
the Hunt Valley area of Maryland.
The bride was beautiful and we had a new
The Wedding Party
Bea (Marcie's Mom, left) and Becky, David's
Mom were both on hand to help celebrate the
nuptials of their grandson.
Auntie Lin (Marcie's sister), Brennan, Marcie &
David pose for the camera. This was elegant
affair and it took Marcie (with much help and
prodding from Lin) a long time to find an
appropriate dress. This is NOT something one
would wear on a sailboat!
Uncle Kerry (Lin's husband) was a
willing groomsman.
We felt we cleaned up pretty well
and hope those boat-diesel smells
that cling to our clothes didn't
overpower the wedding guests.

As always, events that are planned
so well in advance, seem to be over
in a flash, but fond memories left
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