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Wildflowers and Plants of Quehui, Chile
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The island of Quehui in the Chiloe archipelago is lush and green and was a riot of color with so many wildflowers in bloom.
Though I can't identify all of them, most are still familiar and all these were taken in one easy day.
Alcachofa...better known as artichoke, is
lovely when it flowers.
Apples were heavy on the trees, but it
seems most are used as fodder for pigs.
Daises...in Spanish... margaritas!
Nalca is a local leave with various
uses and looks related to the rhubarb.
Calafate berries grow on thorny bushes.
Legend has it, if you eat them, you'll
always return to Patagonia. Yes, we did!
Fuzzy pinks...no idea!
Unknown #2
Blackberry bush blossoms
Fuschia...and it's everywhere down here
growing wild.
White Patagonian foxglove only outdone by the
pink ones next door.
Hawkweed seems to grow most everywhere.
Gone to seed.
Thistle was bright & beautiful, but prickly.
Hydrangea, though not wild, is very common
here ranging from white and pink to deep
blues and purples, depending on soil acidity,
we're told. We hadn't seen polka-dotted
ones before though.
Yarrow shown above. We also saw tansy,
but no pix.
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Unknown flower #1
Unknown #6
Unknown #5
Unknown #4
Unknown #7
Do you know the names of any of the
unidentified flowers? If you do, email us
nineofcups1@yahoo.com. We'll be
glad to acknowledge you on our website
as a contributor.
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