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Wildflowers of the USA
Summers 2010 & 2012
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Our cross country trip of the USA sparked
an interest in photographing the plethora of
wildflowers we saw. Some were in the
National Parks and Monuments, but many
were just along the roadside adding color
and natural beauty to the miles of highway.

Always needing to "identify" (it's almost an
obsession), I purchased the
NWF Field
Guide to Wildflowers of North America
by David M. Brandenburg. Since I've seen
many of these flowers elsewhere in the
world, I'll use it in the future for identifying
flowers worldwide. See mistakes? Let me
know so I can correct them.
Globe mallow
Mojave Desert - California
Desert dandelion
Mojave Desert - California
A wildflower (or wild flower) is a flower
which was not intentionally seeded or
planted. Scientists rarely refer to
wildflowers and generally try to discourage
use of the term altogether preferring terms
such as native species (naturally occurring in
the area), exotic or, better yet, introduced
species (not naturally occurring in the area),
of which some are labelled invasive species
(competing with other plants – whether
native or not), imported (introduced to an
area whether deliberately or accidentally)
and naturalized (introduced to an area, but
now considered by the public as native). Not
being a purist,
wildflower works for me.
White violet
Cedar Breaks NM - Utah
California strawberry
Cedar Breaks NM - Utah
Cedar Breaks NM - Utah
Western groundsel
Cedar Breaks NM - Utah
Alpine bells
Cedar Breaks NM - Utah
Woolly mule's-ears
Roadside near Tahoe, CA
Cedar Breaks NM - Utah
Sego lily - Utah's state flower
Escalante, Utah
Desert four o'clock
Escalante, Utah
Alpine golden wild buckwheat
Escalante, UT
White prickly poppy
Escalante, UT
Parry's primrose
Cedar Breaks NM, Utah
Golden prince's plume
Escalante, UT
Meadow salsify
Escalante, UT
As we traveled from one National Park and Monument to another, I found that Bird Lists and
Wildflower Lists were available, making the identification process easier.
Apache plume
Sunset Crater Volcano, AZ
Walnut Canyon NP - Arizona
Sacred datura
Zion NP - Utah
Yellow columbine
Zion NP - Utah
Firecracker beardtongue
Escalante - Utah
Common sunflower
Escalante - Utah
Sierran false bindweed
Escalante - Utah
Wild chicory
Escalante - Utah
Tufted evening primrose
Red Canyon - Utah
Tansy leaf aster
Escalante - Utah
Rubber rabbit brush
Escalante - Utah
Western blue flax
Rocky Mtn Natl Forest, Colorado
Palmer's beardtongue
Escalante - Utah
Red Canyon - Utah
Hairy golden aster
Colorado Monument - Colorado
Fairy trumpet
Castlewood Canyon, CO
Yarrow - Castlewood Canyon, CO
Indian blanket
Castlewood Canyon, CO
Musk thistle
Castlewood Canyon, CO
Sego lily - Castlewood Canyon, CO
Big pod sesbania - Iowa
False sunflower - Iowa
Purple coneflower - Iowa
Red clover - Iowa
This website gave me lots of help in
Utah wildflowers.
North America, north of Mexico, is home
to more than 20,000 species of plants, half
of which qualify as wildflowers.
Pink phlox - Iowa
Tall ironweed - Iowa
Tall bellflower - Iowa
Orange day lily - Nebraska
Moth mullein - Maryland
Gayfeather - Indiana
White water lily - Amana Colonies, IA
Wild beach rose - Cape Neddick, Maine
HUGE sunflower - Arizona
Black-eyed Susans - Maryland
Blue mist flower - Maryland
Common gold star - Maryland
Curly cup gumweed - Acoma, NM
Desert sand verbena - Malpais, NM
Field bindweed - Acoma, NM
Hairy golden aster - Colorado
Halberd-leaf rose mallow - Maryland
Hookers evening primrose - NM
Indian pink - El Morro, NM
Silver leaf nightshade - NM
Sunset Crater penstemmon - Arizona
Sunset Crater beardtongue-AZ
Cholla - NM
Bergamot - Nebraska
Many flower ipomopsis - NM
Prickly pear - Colorado
Red hot poker - Colorado
Rocky mountain iris aka western
blue flag - Colorado
Showy milkweed - Colorado
Staghorn sumac - Nebraska
Interested in flowers from other parts of
the world? Check this out...
Flowers of the World
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