s/y Nine of Cups
New England Summer  - Charleston, SC - Bristol, RI
May - Oct 2007
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We left Charleston, South Carolina on 21 May
2007 and headed north to Bristol, Rhode Island.
We opted for a stop at Cape Lookout, NC, an
anchorage we had found to be beautiful and calm
previously. We weren't disappointed. It was just as
lovely as we remembered it.  Lookout Lighthouse is
very distinctive with its diamond black/white design.
Wild horses on the shore came at dawn and dusk
and the sunsets were stupendous.
But we didn't want to dawdle for too long, we were excited to get back to New England where
a mooring and Marcie's sister, Lin, and family were anxiously awaiting our arrival so after two
days we were off again. The passage was a short one with reasonable winds and the Gulf
Stream to give us a push. We arrived early on 28 May (Memorial Day) and sailed up the well-lit
Narragansett Bay, arriving in Bristol at 0200. We anchored in the spacious Bristol Harbor,
caught a few hours of well-deserved rest and then found our designated mooring at the
Herreshoff Marine Museum Marina. The museum is small, but interesting. The marina wasn't
anything to write home about. Limited amenities were available for cruisers and the place was
definitely not geared for liveaboards. The surroundings were picturesque, but the mooring field
was lumpy with fetch from the expanse of bay.
A Trip to Block Island
In early June, our oldest grandson, Taylor, flew
out from Colorado and joined us on the boat. It
was Taylor's first time at the ocean (that he
remembered anyhow) and certainly his first time
aboard "Nine of Cups". He was an old salt from
the start. He got his sea legs immediately with
nary a bit of seasickness. He took to the helm
with a few pointers from Grandpa. Block Island
is only 27 miles from Bristol, but is a world in
itself. Entrance to the anchorage above.
We enjoyed walking along the shore. Taylor
collected shells and enough crab parts to
reconstruct a rather large crab!
A hungry seagull hauls lunch ashore
When not on the boat, we spent time with
Marcie's sister, Lin and her family in East
Walpole, MA...about 1-1/2 hours drive from
Bristol. Taylor and cousin, Nicholas, spent
lots of time together playing games, sleeping
out in Nick's treehouse, hanging out in the
park and cavorting around the neighborhood.
Father's Day was spent at Lucy's (Lin's
mother-in-law) where croquet was the game
of the day.

David spent time in Kerry's workshop, doing
projects with Kerry and projects on the boat.

Marcie & Lin were inseparable. Early
morning walks, card playing, wine drinking,
thrift shops, yard sales, church bazaars and
shopping for Marcie's mother-of-the groom
dress. So much to do, so little time.
It was an unbelievably busy summer. David returned to Colorado with Taylor at the end of June and spent a couple of weeks with kids, grandkids
and completed some remodeling on our rental properties. Marcie remained in East Walpole doing wedding preparations, looking for appropriate
wedding dresses and generally just enjoyed being with Lin. Long morning walks in the park, sipping wine (lots of wine) in the evenings, cooking
together, playing an infinite number of games and lots of thrifting and yard sales...the stuff dreams are made of!

We spent 4th of July aboard "Cups" with family to watch fireworks and have choice seats for Bristol's spectacular 4th of July Parade. Though we
never left the mooring, all of our visitors experienced varying degrees of seasickness.

In late July, we managed a road trip to Hunt Valley, Maryland to "meet the parents". We'd never met Hannah's (our daughter-in-law to be) parents
and it was a good opportunity just prior to Brennan and Hannah's wedding to get to know everyone. Then, of course, there was the actual wedding
itself on 11 August 2007.    Click here to see
wedding photos.

David's Mom (Becky) came for the wedding and stayed for two weeks while we took a road trip through Pennsylvania.
Marcie's Mom,Bea,  decided to move from Florida, her home of 30 years, back to New England to be closer to family. David & Marcie flew to
Florida for a week, helped her pack up and flew back with her to Boston at the end of August where everyone participated in the unpacking and
settling in.
Jelly decided to "jump ship" and went to live with Grandma Bea.

In early September, we both went back to Colorado to visit friends and family. It was a good "grandkid" fix and we also fit in time to visit with our
niece, Gentry and her family in Laramie, Wyoming.

Back to New England to try to finish up some boat work. It was getting late in the season and time for us to think about moving south. Becky was
celebrating her 90th birthday and we couldn't miss the party, so we flew to Las Vegas for a long weekend to participate in the grand celebration.
We prepared to leave as soon as we returned.

Finally, on 24 October 2007, after many hugs, kisses and tears goodbye, we cast off the mooring lines and began our trip south. A wonderfully,
wonderful summer...thanks to the generosity of Lin, Kerry and Nicks for making their home, our home...their cars, our cars...their wine, our wine...it
goes on and on. We were sad to leave, but happy to be on our way and at sea once again.
The Busiest of Summers for the Crew
It wasn't all history, we found
time to check out the Teddy Bear
Factory, lots of country stores
and shops. We ended up on a
sweet note at Hershey and
toured the Hershey Chocolate
World. Needless to say, a
significant amount of chocolate
was consumed in the car that
day, following the hot fudge
sundaes that is.
Lin, David, Taylor & Nicholas determine
who will start the croquet game.
Lin & Kerry...our gracious hosts for a whole
summer. Thanks for the room, the bed, the
closets, Lin's clothes, Kerry's tools and
workshop, the car(s), the Beast, the wine, the
shuttles back and forth to the airport and the
marina, the morning walks in the park, lots of
game playing  and so much more.
Nicks and Taylor ham it up at Mystic Seaport.
More Mystic "hamming".
Mystic Seaport is an absolutely wonderful
re-creation of an 18-19th century whaling
port brought to life with interesting exhibits,
actual ships and vintage buildings to roam
around in. We've visited several times and
it's a pleasure each time.
Yes, Virginia, there really is a Mystic Pizza!!
Despite all the traveling Becky has
done, she never made it to Gettysburg.
We set up a fun itinerary for the two
weeks following Brennan & Hannah's
wedding. In addition to Gettysburg,  
we managed a few other sights like
Amish country and picturesque
covered bridges.
We took the auto-tour at Gettysburg, a
CD and guide book which was
excellent. In the American Civil War,
aka The War Between the States or if
you're a Southerner, the War of
Northern Aggression, more men were
lost than the total lost in all other wars
combined  in which the US has
participated. "Battle Cry of Freedom"
by James McPherson provides an
objective overview of the war, its
causes and its ramifications.

Though interesting, it was a haunting
experience to view the fields where so
many thousands of men fought and lost
their lives. Locals say soldiers still walk
the fields in the haze of the early dawn.
Becky's family was originally from
Pennsylvania and we spent an hour or more
searching for the names of the "McCullough"
men who fought in the Pennsylvania brigades.
The Pennsylvania Monument was one of
many monuments dedicated to the men
who fought.
We celebrated Becky's 90th birthday in Las
Vegas with her and lots of family members.
Her "older" (yup, older!!!) sister, Edna (102)
flew in from Sacramento to celebrate with us.
End of summer in New England, time to head south. Happy to be moving on, but sad to
be leaving Lin, our family and Jelly.
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Time at Lin & Kerry's
Click here to join us as we head south with
stops in the Chesapeake, the eastern Florida
coast and then to Florida's west coast before
heading to Panama once again.
A graceful swam visited the boat while we
were anchored. Taylor was happy to feed
him from crackers while Mr. Swan posed
for photos.
A Road Trip With Becky