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Grey Towers National Historic Site - Pennsylvania
August 2012
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We'd never heard of Grey Towers
before, so when we saw it on the
map as a national historic site, we just
had to stop.
The day was hot, so we curtailed our visit to a tour of the grounds and a
cursory glance. This area of Pennsylvania around Milford is hilly and
forested. We were in a hurry, however, to get to our campground in the
Promised Land!
Grey Towers is the ancestral home of Gifford Pinchot, first chief of the US Forest
Service and twice Governor of Pennsylvania. Today Grey Towers serves as a
conservation education and leadership center, with programs that interpret the lives of
the Pinchot family.
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We were free to wander the grounds at
will and they were absolutely beautiful.
A tour of the "castle", however, incurred
a fee, so we opted out. We certainly did
like the big  turkey statues.
There's a moat with a lily pond in front of the mansion complete with frogs.