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Muir Woods National Monument - California
August 2012
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Muir Woods is a remnant of the ancient coast redwood forests that blanketed northern
California coastal valleys before the 1800s. A local businessman, William Kent, donated
295 acres to the federal government and requested it be named after conservationist, John
Muir. It was proclaimed a national monument in 1908 by Teddy Roosevelt. Paths beneath
the giant redwoods meander through the forest.
"This is the best tree-lover's
monument that could possibly
be found in all the forests of
the world. You have done me
great honor, and I am proud
of it."    
             John Muir to William Kent
We strolled leisurely along the Redwood Creek to Bridge 4 and up along the Hillside Trail. We had limited time, but we enjoyed what we
had. The Cathedral Grove was indeed a sacred kind of place. These redwoods, the world's tallest living things, are majestic, providing a
filtered canopy to the shade-loving undergrowth and critters below. Nightshade and redwood sorrel carpet the forest floor and stellar jays
flit from branch to branch. Shelf fungi reminded me of oysters.
From the hill above Muir Woods,we could see San Francisco Bay and a huge fog bank forming above it.
California thistle is a noxious weed, but still beautiful.