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Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge
May 2012
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Though Seedskadee is not a national
park, but rather a national wildlife refuge,
it deserves its own page. We learned
about it in a tiny blurb on the bottom of a
page in the 2012 Wyoming Official
Travelers Journal.
Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge is located in  the very
southwest corner Wyoming near the Utah border and
includes 26,400 acres (106 km2) of protected lands. The
refuge  is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Shoshone Indians inhabited the region since c. 1300
and its name is a derived from the Shoshone word
"Sisk-a-dee-agie", which translated means "river of the
prairie hen". The refuge lies along the banks of the Green
River for a distance of 36 miles (56 km) and the river
provides a water source for shrubs and cottonwood trees
which flourish in an otherwise arid region. The refuge area
was first visited by white explorers in 1811 and was later a
crossroads for the Oregon and Mormon Trails; many of
the original wagon tracks left by early pioneers can still be
We got a kick out of the signs posted along the Refuge's gravel roads.
There was lots of wildlife here despite it being mid-day. Left, a red-tailed hawk eyes us suspiciously. Antelope were plentiful and not as shy
and timid as they usually are.
Four white antelope bums head away... would this be called the bum's rush?
Moose browse and tramp along the Green River. A pair of nesting osprey.
View en route to Seedskadee...multi-colored buttes on a dun-colored prairie.
A trumpeter swan couple calls the Green
River home.
Lots of wildlife viewing for such a short
visit and well worth the gravel road
detour. We did not see any sage grouse
which inhabit the area nor any bald eagles
although we did see nests. Next, we're off
Dinosaur National Monument...
with, of course, a few stops along the way.
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