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Roadside Americana- Idaho
June 2012
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More Roadside Americana?

Birds of North America?

Wildflowers of North America?
In Arco, ID, the conning tower of the
fast-attack nuclear submarine USS Hawkbill
(SSN-666), aka "The Devil Boat" pokes out
of a local park.
We know we're in cattle country when
heifers are for sale on the billboards!
Buhl, ID proclaims itself  "Trout Capital of the World"
Cloverleaf Creamery offered "milk
in glass bottles" and potato ice
Originally known as Root Hog (??),
the little town of Arco, Idaho  was the
first community in the world ever to
be lit by electricity generated by
nuclear power.
A hazy, heat-waved photo of EBR-1
which was unfortunately closed when
we passed by. A national landmark, in
1951, it became the world's first
electricity-generating nuclear power
Not far away in Shoshone, ID, we noted
this old fallout shelter sign. Being so
close to atomic reactors, maybe they're
still a bit wary.
Now really...is this a good name for a
chain of convenience stores?
World's largest potato chip (crisp,
actually) is on display at the Idaho
Potato Museum. Check it out on the
American Odyssey, Part I trip
Island Park, ID (pop: 215)  claims
to have the longest "Main Street" in
America...33 miles (53km)
Don't forget Idaho's national monuments:
Craters of the Moon NM
Hagerman Fossil Beds NM