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Roadside Americana - Tennessee & Arkansas
August 2012
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We knew Tennessee was going to
be good for bizarre stuff to see as
soon as we saw the giant guitar on
the side of the highway in Bristol.
Truck o' deer passed us on the
highway. We're sure there's a
good story here.
Trenton  is actually most famous for its
collection of rare antique porcelain
veilleuses.  None of the 525 teapots in
the collection are alike, and some are
designed as palaces or people in unique
still-life castings. The town celebrates its
collection with an annual "Teapot
Trenton, TN is  known for its 31 mph
speed limit signs. Evidently the town
fathers could not agree on 30 vs 35 mph
speed limits in town and finally in
desperation, agreed upon 31 mph.
Commercial, crowded, unappealing Pigeon Forge offered Dollywood among other
unattractive attractions. Gatlinburg, gateway to the Great Smoky Mountain National
Park, was a travesty of casinos, tacky shops and crowded streets. It had one thing going
for it though... the Museum of Salt & Pepper shakers.
No trip to Tennessee would be
complete without a quick stop
at Graceland.
Awwww...what a cute couple! We didn't
stop at the Clinton House Museum in
Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Who the heck came up with the town name of Toad Suck,
Arkansas and why ever would Harley use it in their store name?