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Iowa USA
Summer 2010
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USA  Cross Country Tour
Iowa Facts...

Capital: Des Moines
Area: 56,276  sq mi (26th biggest state in the US)
Population: ~3.1 million
High Point: Hawkeye Point - 1,670'
Low Point: Where the Mississippi and Des Moines Rivers join - 480'
State Nickname: Hawkeye State
State Flower: Wild rose
State Bird: Eastern Goldfinch

Iowa was the 29th state in the USA and entered the union on  March 1, 1846.
The Iowa state flag has a red, white and
blue background, like the French flag
symbolizing the fact that the Iowa territory
was part of the land acquired by the
Louisiana Purchase in 1803.
The name Iowa comes from Ioway, the
French word for the Bah-kho-je Indian
tribe that lived in the area. Iowa is a native
American word meaning 'beautiful land'.
Interesting Iowan trivia...
  • Quaker Oats, in Cedar Rapids, is the
    largest cereal company in the world.
  • Home of Winnebago RVs and campers
  • Famous Iowans include 31st US
    President Herbert Hoover, actor John
    Wayne and musician Glen Miller.
  • Strawberry Point is the home of the
    world's largest strawberry.
So we left Nebraska and started reading a bit
about Iowa...our next state en route and
remembered the book and movie,
Bridges of
Madison County
. Well, exactly where were
those alleged covered bridges? Seems they're in
Winterset, Iowa not really very far from I-80, so
why not stop?  and of course, we did.
Roseman Bridge - 1883
Cedar Bridge originally built 1883; rebuilt in
2004 after being destroyed by an arsonist
Cutler-Donahoe Bridge - 1870
Winterset, Iowa was a delightful, small city and
definitely worth a stop.

There were originally 19
bridges in Madison
County, but only 6 remain and only one can
actually be used. We visited three of the six and
enjoyed photographing them. The bridges were
covered by order of the County Board of
Supervisors to help preserve the large flooring
timbers, which were more expensive to replace
than the lumber used to cover the bridge sides
and roof. Usually, the bridges were named for
the resident who lived closest.
Not only is Winterset the home of the
famous covered bridges, it is also the
hometown of Marion Mitchell Morrison aka
John Wayne and the Delicious Apple!
From Winterset, back to I-80 with just one
more little detour...the
Amana Colonies. A
group of museums displaying the history of  
German colonists who emigrated to the US
and arrived in Iowa in 1855. They chose a
communal way of life and their heritage is
preserved as a national historic landmark. To
the right, a tidy barn and a view of the town of
Amana, one of the seven villages of the
Amana Colonies. Amana means to remain
true (Song of Solomon 4:8). This is also the
home of Amana Refrigerators
Corn, corn and more corn!
A beautiful water lily pond near Amana.
Okay ... enough detours and sidetrips... time to
get a move on. We were now heading to New
York to visit our oldest son, Brennan and his
wife, Hannah and we had to make tracks to
arrive to coincide with a weekend reserved in
their busy schedules just for our visit. We
traveled through several states now...scenery
changing from flat prairies and cornfields to
rolling hills and trees.
Considering we were travelling at 70mph
over the interstates, these photos came
out rather well. I nicked PA and NY from
the internet since the signs snuck up on us
and turning around was not an option.
So...New York and New England next
on the agenda. Come along to Marcie's
part of the world OR alternatively,
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