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American Odyssey - New England Summer
July 2012
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One reason for heading to Maine
was to visit
Ocean Navigator
magazine in Portland. They've
published several of Marcie's articles
and once again, it was good to put a
face with a name.
We arrived at Lin's house
(Marcie's sister) on 3 July
and began a whirlwind of
activity, visits and
sister-time. While in
Wisconsin, we bought
sparklers and one
firecracker named
"Dragon Farts" which
begged to be tried.
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Birds of North America?

Wildflowers of North America?
New England (the six US
northeastern states for non-US folks
or those geographically challenged) is
home to Marcie. We spent one
afternoon in Oxford, MA with cousins
and Aunt Bette. Above, her annual
garden and the huge red barn that
housed her milking cows in years
past. We spent many hours playing in
the hayloft when we were young.
West Boylston's sinking church was
always a landmark for us when heading
to Aunt Jeannette's in Clinton, MA.

Note: Marcie's mom is one of 14 kids.
Though many have passed on, there are
still lots of aunts and cousins to see.
We sat out on rustic, well-used picnic
tables at Hot Dog Annie's and
reminisced about days past. Lots of old
memories as we drove around town.
We took Marcie's mom, Bea, to
Leicester one day to see her hometown
(Marcie's, too) and catch a hot dog at
Hot Dog Annie's, a dive of a place
that's known for its BBQ hot dogs.
No trip to New England is complete with visiting Maine or New Hampshire to buy lobsters at on of
the many lobster shacks along the coast. This year lobster was a bargain starting at $3.99/lb.
Maine and New Hampshire are beautiful states... laid-back (in the non-tourist areas) with beautiful scenery. Visiting the ocean made us lonely for Cups. Maine lobster, however, in our
humble opinion, is the best in the world and purchasing a few to share with Lin's family assuaged our immediate need to get back to the boat.
We stopped for lunch in Portsmouth
at the State Street Saloon for a huge
lobster roll. Wicked good!
Hollyhocks along the
beach at Rye Harbor,
We added Minute Man National
Historical Park and the Springfield
Armory National Historic Site to
our list of national park visits.
Check them out.
Maine lobster boat
Sporting a traditional "Pilgrim" hat,
Lieutenant Lewis' statue adorns a
square  in Walpole, MA...Lin's town.
Seven frogs enjoy Lin's little
water pool and we enjoyed
watching them.
Though East Walpole is less than 20 miles
from Boston, wild turkeys are a common
sight in Lin's front yard.
Spending time with Marcie's mom gave
us a chance to spend time with our sea
cat, Jelly. At nearly 13, she's fat and
happy. She and Mom are the best of
We're planning the next leg of our American Odyssey which will include a campsite in
Pennsylvania, a stay with Brennan and Hannah in Washington, DC, a visit with our sailing
friends in Maryland and an overnight stay in Virginia with another cruising friend. That's
just a start....much more on the agenda. Stay tuned and check out
American Odyssey III
which will take us from Boston back to Vegas.

We're always on the look-out for fun places to visit along the way and there'll be no
dearth of quirky, unusual stops to add to our
Roadside Americana page.
A trip to western Massachusetts
for a visit with old friends John &
Millie Smith. A terrific time!
The "Lemay Girls"...Marcie, Bea and
Lin. Mom treated for an outstanding
farewell dinner and a fine get-together.