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Roadside Americana - Minnesota
June 2012
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Gargoyles in Pipestone, MN
were only a tiny introduction of
what we saw in Land of 10,000
Lakes...Minnesota. For more
gargoyles, visit  
Odyssey II.
Minnesota really is a Land of 10,000 Lakes.
Actually  this is no exaggeration. There are
11,842 Minnesota lakes over 10 acres
Minnesota's flat, sprawling fields are home to lots of wind farms. We passed by the Suzlon
Rotor Corp. where lots of wind generator blades lay waiting to be "planted". Nearby Lake
Benton is known as the "Original Wind Power Capital of the Midwest". One of these babies
cost about $2.5 million to set up and there are somewhere between 1000-1200 currently in
operation in MN.
Huge barns and fields of grain were a
common sight along Minnesota's back
roads and byways.
At the Blue Earth rest area on I90, the
nation's longest highway, a rather
washed out yellow strip indicates the
last bit of the highway to be completed.
It required a bit of photo-enhancing so
it was actually visible.
Hormel's Spam Museum in Austin,MN was a
hoot. We got to pose with Spammy and tour this
unbelievable facility dedicated to canned spiced
ham. Check out
American Odyssey II for more
in depth Spam stuff.

Blue Earth, MN ... home of the Jolly Ho-ho-ho
Green Giant. It's also the birthplace of the
"Chocolate Dream", now called "Eskimo Pie".
World's Largest Twine Ball
(by one man) in Darwin, MN
Pipestone also provided us with a photo
opp for the world's largest pipe and a
chance to visit
Pipestone National
World's Biggest Boot (size
638-1/2 D) in Red Wing,
In addition to Charles Schultz, several
other famous folks hail to Minnesota:
•Bob Dylan
•Jesse Ventura
•Garrison Keilor
•Patty, Maxene and LaVerne Andrews
(The Andrews Sisters)
•Joel and Ethan Coen (The Coen
•Judy Garland
•Walter F. Mondale
•Winona Ryder
•Tippi Hedren
•John Madden
•F. Scott Fitzgerald
Lots of huge corporations call Minnesota
their home:

General Mills
Medtronics, Inc.
Hormel (Spam, spam, spam)
United Health Corp.
Best Buy
XCel Energy
This is Betty Crocker territory!
We're still wending our way
across the country, but we're
picking up the pace a bit.
We'll head from here to
Wisconsin, Ohio then
Michigan and work our
way to northern New York
via Ontario, Canada. Come
with us as we visit as many
quirky, off-the-wall places as
St. Paul is home to Charles Schultz
creator of "Peanuts". Statues of his
famous characters are found throughout
the city.            
photo John A. Weeks III
A pedal pub in the streets of Minneapolis
seemed a great way to socialize, exercise
and drink all at the same time.
Don't forget Minnesota's
Pipestone National Monument.