s/y Nine of Cups
Roadside Americana - Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio
USA 2012
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Janesville, WI milking cow with
stool and bucket...
this is dairy land
We liked Michigan's billboards...and there were lots of them.
We spotted these colorful cars on a
car carrier next to us. Only two of
this design on the truck... for travel
or for real?
World's Largest Bronze Wildlife
Sculpture - Cabela's in Dundee, MI
Tony Packo's hot dogs in Toledo,
OH gained notoriety by its mention
in several M*A*S*H episodes and
is famous for its signature sandwich
and large collection of hot dog buns
signed by celebrities. Unfortunately,
closed when we were there. ;-(
We had lunch and wandered
through the museum here with
cruising friends John & Nicole.
World's largest bronze
falcon...the mascot of
Bowling Green State U in
John Dillinger, a notorious
Depression-era bankrobber, was held
in prison in Allen County. It's one of
the many interesting exhibits at this
county museum in Lima (pronounced
like the bean), OH.

See more on the
American Odyssey
Part II page like an albino animal
collection, for instance!
Ohio seemed to have more
than its share of weird displays
in its county museums. Above,
murdered by her husband,
Mary Bach's desiccated
fingers remain jarred and on
exhibit at the Wood County
Museum and Historical Center
in Bowling Green, OH. Check
out the American Odyssey
Part II page for more.
While in East Lansing, MI, we did look
for the World's Largest Hairball, but
couldn't find it. The MSU Bug House
was also closed...bummer.

The World's Largest Weathervane in
Montague, MI was a bit too far out of
the way. Next time!
We're planning on some quirky stops in
Ontario, Canada. Are you game?
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