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Roadside Americana - New England
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More Roadside Americana?

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Heading off the Mass Pike in
Chicopee on our way to
Springfield, we spotted this Big
White Guy. Evidently, he's had
a varied past including a gig as
Uncle Sam for awhile.
One of many covered bridges in New
England, this bridge in Sheffield has been
rebuilt after a fire destroyed.
In Boston, this billboard depicts the "Pest
of the Month" as carpenter ants. What a
The tiny village of Sodom, MA lies next
to Gomorrah, not too far away from
New Canaan.  We're happy to report.
no sodomites were seen in this area,
Hot Dog Annie's in Marcie's hometown
of Leicester, MA has been in the same
location for decades and is known far
and wide for their BBQ hotdogs.
The Old Sinking Church in West
Boylston, MA sits on a small jut of land
in the Wachusetts Reservoir. Built in
1891, this Baptist church was
abandoned when the area was flooded
to form the reservoir.
Local editorial cartoon when the
price of lobster fell and the price
of gasoline soared.
This snowman was an odd
sight coming down Rte 1 near
Kennebunk, ME.
So which way are we going...north
or south?
Mermaid statue in the center of
Kennebunk was quite lovely and in
keeping with the flavor of this tiny
We've been collecting weathervane
photos as we cross the country. Some
are pretty innovative. Take a look.
Dog Rock marks a sharp turn on a
back road in Walpole, MA.
Evidently, the owners repaint it
every year to keep wayward drivers
off their lawn.